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  • When Art Meets Science

    Visualization as a powerful communication toolWe live in a world of displays: on laptops, smartphones, tablets, smartwatches. These devices bring together technologies to make our lives better, but, above ...

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    • Case Study: CDS/LIMS Interface Saves 9,000 Hours Per Year

    • A LimsLink CDS interface between Empower and LIMS reduces the amount of time that scientists spend on managing chromatography data by over 50%.
    • Author: Steve Bolton , Company: PerkinElmer
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  • Time spent managing the transfer of information and results between LIMS and their Empower® chromatography data software was giving scientists less time to run samples and was creating delays for end-users who needed to work with the sample results. With implementation of a LimsLink CDS embedded interface they now have more time to spend on analysis, results are delivered to clients faster, manual errors are eliminated and the overall cost of chromatography data management has been reduced.