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  • ChemFinder for Office Webinar
    • ChemFinder for Office Webinar

    • Presenter: Irwin C. Schreiman , Company: PerkinElmer Informatics
    • Duration: 30 min
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  • Did you know that ChemFinder for Office can search your entire computer or network for chemical structures?

    ChemFinder for Office provides for chemically-intelligent searches of Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, Powerpoint presentations, and of course ChemDraw and ISIS files. ChemFinder for Office lets you:

    • Search for chemical structures on your local computer or your entire network
    • Browse search results & click to open Word, Excel, and other documents
    • Refine your search after an initial hit list is found
    • Export your hit list to any destination

    ChemFinder for Office searches documents, spreadsheets, databases and files for chemical structures and references. The search methods include:

    • Full structure search (exact match from ChemDraw window)
    • Substructure search (moiety search or variable attachment search)
    • Similarity search & identity search
    • Search by molecular weight or by weight range
    • Search by chemical formula, or combine with structure & weight
    • Save frequently-used collections of data sources in Data Source Definitions
    • Generate and store combinatorial libraries from experiments performed with generic reactions

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      • Intro to ChemFinder/Office and chemical queries
      • 7 min

      • ChemFinder/Office search methods: demonstration
      • 10 min

      • Index your structures by exporting into Word, plus Q&A
      • 6 min