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  • When Platforms Launch Discovery

    Platform software development is trending these days, and for good reason. Platform development lets developers get to a robust foundation that addresses broad essentials, like security and reporting, ...

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  • Enabling Data Defensibility and Laboratory Product
    • Enabling Data Defensibility and Laboratory Productivity Using a Laboratory Execution System

    • The iLAB Laboratory Execution System (LES) provides a comprehensive solution from field sample collection to final result reporting.
    • Presenter: Kathy Smith , Company: Narragansett Bay Commission
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  • Data defensibility demands that environmental monitoring laboratories provide full traceability of data from field sample collection, the execution of the analytical procedures to final result reporting. To ensure labs can meet these increasing requirements, procedure control and data traceability must be available in a cost effective manner. Recent advances in laboratory informatics technology including the Laboratory Execution System or LES, have made this not only feasible, but flexible enough not to compromise a lab’s operational requirements.

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