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  • E-notebooks: 2014 and Beyond
    • E-notebooks: 2014 and Beyond

    • Why choosing a flexible platform allows you to plan for growth from paper replacement through complex data analysis
    • Presenters: Alex Jewett, Amy Kallmerten PhD, Chris Strassel, Rudy Potenzone, Ph.D. , Company: PerkinElmer Informatics
    • Duration: 60 min
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  • This webinar will focus on the benefits of providing your organization with a single tool that can be used to capture data across disciplines and also serve as a portal into other discipline specific tools to maximize efficiency and propel your progress. While the specific workflow needs of the various flavors of biologists, chemists, formulators can vary when you get into the fine details of their job descriptions—fundamentally they all share the same need for rigorous and reliable data capture in a system that is going to help, not impede, their research and development of new products.

    The most effective platform to provide a user, is one that requires minimal training and will also integrate chemical and biological intelligence with data visualization and analysis tools like TIBCO Spotfire and other web-based applications. ROI on an End-to-End solution such as Ensemble for Science will be discussed as well as the new Upgrade Toolkit which is revolutionizing the way E-Notebook customers upgrade and allowing users unprecedented access to the latest and greatest that the world of electronic lab notebooks has to offer. Talk to our product managers to understand how PerkinElmer Informatics stays strategically innovative and continuously evolves the vision for the platform for science in R&D.

    By attending this webinar you will learn:
    • The stages companies go through in ELN deployments: from paper to paper-less.
    • How mobile, web, and cloud based applications fit into an end-to-end Enterprise system
    • Why academic institutions should embrace such platforms to best prepare their students for industry
    • Why the E-Notebook & Spotfire integration is so powerful
    • Why choosing an ELN that has an integrated inventory and registration is key to planning for your future as your company grows
    • How the UTK works and why it’s such a big deal

    Who should attend:
    • Anyone considering implementing an ELN or inventory
    • Anyone who wants to upgrade their ELN
    • Researchers, technicians, IT managers, Laboratory managers, Biologists, chemists and academics

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