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  • ChemDraw for Non-Chemists Webinar
    • ChemDraw for Non-Chemists Webinar

    • Presenter: Jerald J. Baronofsky, Ph.D. , Company: PerkinElmer Informatics
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  • ChemDraw has numerous tools that are useful for non-chemists and for novices at chemistry, including organic nomenclature, chemical property predictions, and identifying chemical problems. This video demonstrates those features and more.

    Did you know that ChemDraw has numerous tools that are useful for non-chemists and for novices at chemistry? This webinar, "ChemDraw for Non-Chemists," cover topics of interest to managers of chemistry departments; biologists or other scientists who work with chemists; chemical patent practitioners; and professors and students in introductory chemistry classes:

    • Name-to-structure conversion: Convert to chemical structures from organic nomenclature in standard IUPAC format or as "trivial names".
    • Structure cleanup: Create standardized molecular drawings based on rough manual drawings, including confirmation by "Structure Analysis".
    • Chemical warnings: Automatically identify problems in a chemical drawing, from common drawing mistakes to valence problems.
    • HotKeys and HotLinks: Shortcuts for chemical drawings, with automatic updates that check chemical correctness.
    • Review of new features: Freehand drawing; 3D interface; TLC plates; and more.

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