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  • Think Pink with ChemDraw

    by Nessa CarsonDrawing with FlairAfter much tweaking, I have a set of ChemDraw® settings, not unlike the sturdily-bonded Totally Synthetic stylesheet that went around the chemistry community a few years ...

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    • The PerkinElmer E-Notebook for Biology

    • Presenter: Christian Schueller , Company: PerkinElmer Informatics
    • Duration: 4 min
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  • This short video introduces you to the E-Notebook version 2014 and highlights the basics of managing biological data. The PerkinElmer E-Notebook is for all scientists, whether you are a chemist synthesizing molecules, a biologist conducting research studies, or a scientist looking for an easy way to capture data without the hassle of processing instrument files. Some key features covered are:

    -Recording and browsing data

    -Prepopulated areas in an experiment, such as the title section and other sections to save time

    -Auto text, with common company nomenclature for easy searching and quick word adds

    -Edit documents right in the E-Notebook

    -View images in the E-Notebook alone or in an album

    -Add metadata to images or annotate images directly, such as a Western Blot

    -How to access your inventory, and scan items with a bar code

    -Check on calibrated instruments and set up a flag when out of spec

    -Rigorous audit trail with versioning

    -How to bring ANY kid of document into the E-Notebook via an easy “drag and drop” feature (e.g. images, instrument files, word files, Excel, PDFs, structures, etc.)

    -Microsoft Office is embedded in the E-Notebook for easy recognition and creation of documents right in the E-Notebook

    -The BioDraw component of ChemDraw is embedded in the E-Notebook for drawing of biological pathways, mapping out experimental set-ups, drawing out vectors, and more

    -21 CFR Part 11 Compliant Ready

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