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  • Think Pink with ChemDraw

    by Nessa CarsonDrawing with FlairAfter much tweaking, I have a set of ChemDraw® settings, not unlike the sturdily-bonded Totally Synthetic stylesheet that went around the chemistry community a few years ...

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    • The PerkinElmer E-Notebook for Chemistry with ChemDraw

    • Presenter: Pierre Morieux , Company: PerkinElmer
    • Duration: 7 min
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  • This short video introduces you to the E-Notebook version 2014, which is for chemists, biologists or any type of scientist trying to capture data. This video specifically highlights the chemistry capabilities, such as how to easily record your chemical data, how to reuse existing information by duplicating or creating templates, how to search by chemical structure and substructure, how to utilize embedded ChemDraw, and how to produce a report of all experiments.

    Some key features covered are:

    -Searching by text, chemical structure, and substructure

    -Utilizing ChemDraw in the E-Notebook with all of the latest hotkeys and shortcuts

    -How to write out reactions and use shortcuts in the reaction section

    -Auto population of stoichiometry tables based on structures drawn

    -Registration and Inventory of molecules

    -How to review the synthetic history of a molecule

    -Chemical intelligence features in the E-Notebook to help link reactions together

    -How to use pre-defined templates and auto-text fields to save time

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