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    • ChemDraw Basic - Sample E-Learning Course

    • Presenter: Ronald Wagner , Company: PerkinElmer Informatics
    • Duration: 5 min
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  • ChemDraw is the industry standard structure drawing suite for the serious professional to draw accurate, chemically-aware structures for use in database queries, preparation of publication-quality graphics, and entry for modeling and other programs that require an electronic description of molecules and reactions as well as advanced prediction tools. ChemDraw also provides a drawing tool for biological pathways. It includes common pathway elements (membranes, DNA, enzymes, receptors, etc.) as well as the ability to import other elements.

    This E-Learning sample course is meant to provide our customers with a sneak peek into the course and how our E-Learning offerings work. The full course has (18) total lessons followed by a skills assessment for course certification.

    In this sample course you will learn about the following (2) topics:

    1. How to Start ChemDraw
    2. HotKeys

    You can purchase the whole ChemDraw Basic E-Learning Course by visiting our SciStore: http://scistore.cambridgesoft.com/ScistoreProductPage.aspx?ItemID=5837.

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