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Jens Hoefkens, Ph.D.

Company: PerkinElmer Informatics

Jens Hoefkens, Ph.D. is the Director of Informatics Strategic Marketing at PerkinElmer. Jens has over ten years of experience in bioinformatics, with an emphasis on drug discovery, translational research, and cross-OMICS data integration.

Prior to joining PerkinElmer, Jens was the head of the expressionist business unit at Genedata, where he managed sales, marketing, services, and software development. Jens successfully expanded the expressionist product line to include support for Next Generation Sequencing and Mass Spectrometry. Jens has a Ph.D. in both Mathematics and Physics from Michigan State University.

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    The cost of drug production has soared into the billions, presenting a huge barrier to companies hoping to market new medicines and creating a pressing need for more efficient development techniques.