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Seungtaek Lee

Company: PerkinElmer Informatics


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    Interrogating High Content Analysis results at a single cell level can uncover hidden information and generate better data. It is particular valuable for investigating subpopulations within your study. Spotfire can analyze single cell or population data at a screening level as well as individual well level. See how you can interact with your HCS cell data with Spotfire and perform flow-like analysis like gating and filtering.

    This example shows the analysis of a full high content screen. Compounds are tested for their dose response regarding increase/decrease of protein aggregate formation and toxicity.

    Using TIBCO Spotfire to analyze both single cell and cell population phenotypic data.

    See how TIBCO Spotfire helps identify cellular phenotypic responses of interest in High Content Screening ...

    Learn how to group cellular image results representing similar phenotypic responses in TIBCO Spotfire and ...

    Dynamically visualize the correlation between dose response and cellular phenotypic parameters with TIBCO ...