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James Adams

Company: PerkinElmer Informatics

James Adams is a Senior Regional Marketing Specialist within the Informatics division of PerkinElmer, supporting QA/QC and data visualization applications in North America. James received his MBA from Rivier University and a Bachelor of Science in Microbiology from Michigan State University. James has a strong background in biopharmaceutical and vaccine manufacturing with a focus on cGMP compliance and Quality Assurance supported by over 20 years of industry experience. Prior to joining PerkinElmer in 2013, James served as a Senior Quality Manager focused on Cell Therapy and Regenerative Medicine products for a biopharmaceutical manufacturer in the Boston area.

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    View how TIBCO Spotfire can be leveraged to optimize data visualization and exploration within the LABWORKS LIMS system.

    Advances in polymer manufacturing have resulted in a complex array of testing requirements. Ranging from mechanical testing such as Notched Izod impact testing and Melt Flow analysis to complex elemental analysis using chromatography, companies are faced with mountains of data.

    Cleanrooms (such as those found in the Biopharmaceutical, Semiconductor and Pharmaceutical industries) are designed to ensure that the concentration of particles (contaminants) is kept within specified limits.

    Motor oil, as well as other engine fluids such as hydraulic fuel, are critical components in today’s engines and impact reliability, efficiency and fuel consumption.

    TIBCO Spotfire allows for rapid and dynamic analysis of complex data sets including those found in the field of wastewater treatment. By using advanced data visualization techniques, treatment plants are able to focus on critical aspects related to incoming and outgoing water conditions and adjust treatment processes in response to the ever-changing nature of the waste stream. Since cities and towns rely on a consistent and safe water supply, the effectiveness of water treatment plants is a critical concern. TIBCO Spotfire allows rapid evaluation and response and enables plant operators to react more quickly and efficiently.

    The following data visualizations are designed to provide insight into the key performance metrics associated with samples generated within a QC laboratory. Analyses include an overview of the number and type of samples completed, a geographic break-down of the samples, an evaluation of the time required to complete testing, a detailed review of analyst utilization and a cost estimate for charges associated with completion of testing. Please note that testing results are excluded from this analysis as this evaluation is primarily focused on those data associated with laboratory management and enhancing overall efficiency.

    People are becoming more and more concerned about the safety of their drinking water.  Contaminants such as Lead and Arsenic are strictly governed by the EPA and require stringent testing.  As analytical methods have improved, it is now possibel to detect impurities at extremely low concentrations.  Water supplies once considered safe have been found to contain contaminations that are not acceptable.

    The levels of contaminants in drinking water are seldom high enough to cause accute (immediate) health effects; however chronic health effects such as cancer, liver, kidney damage and damages to the immune system are of great concern.*

    One common anlytical method for testing water samples is Inductively Coupled Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS). The following data provide a simulated analysis of drinking water in order to demonstrate the capabilites within Spotfire for identifying trends and outliers and applying specific techniques to determine the geogrpahic distribution of water contaminants. 

    Comparative Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient analysis can be easily performed using the interactive visualization tools in TIBCO Spotfire.

    The iLAB™ Laboratory Execution System (LES) and TIBCO Spotfire® data visualization and analysis platform team up to deliver a new level of insight and understanding into Environmental Monitoring (EM) programs.

    Learn how TIBCO Spotfire combined with data captured in iLab can enable deep analysis of the quality and consistency ...

    Learn how TIBCO Spotfire and iLAB improve quality and productivity of waste water treatment analysis.