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Below is the archive of PerkinElmer Informatics Webinars: Various videos and PDF presentations by a world class array of presenters.

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    The Human BodyMap 2.0 Project (by Ensembl and Illumina) generated RNA-seq data from a broad selection of 16 human tissue types. This public RNA-seq dataset is of an inestimable value and it has been used in many different research projects. However, its high-dimensionality makes it complex to analyze and many biological conclusions may be still hidden.

    Without a clear and simple electronic tool for data capture and analysis, researchers in the Oil & Gas, Biomass and Material Science sectors have been trying to advance their fields in the 21st century with the same tools used by Galileo.

    Learn how OmicsOffice® for TIBCO Spotfire® can enable you to import, QC, analyze and integrate genomics datasets

    New tools and expertise are needed for deep data exploration, and to transform big data into smart data.

    Reinventing SAR through dynamic visual analytics in TIBCO Spotfire®

    Discover the 75% of laboratory activity that LIMS doesn’t impact.

    The accurate collection and transfer of data between systems can help to optimize the efficiency of laboratory processes

  • 60 min E-notebooks: 2014 and Beyond

  • By: Alex Jewett of PerkinElmer Informatics, Amy Kallmerten PhD of PerkinElmer, Chris Strassel of PerkinElmer, Rudy Potenzone, Ph.D. of PerkinElmer Informatics

    Why choosing a flexible platform allows you to plan for growth from paper replacement through complex data analysis

    Create a Working Integration Between QA/QC Laboratories & SAP®

    The iLAB Laboratory Execution System (LES) provides a comprehensive solution from field sample collection to final result reporting.

    The iLAB Laboratory Execution System (LES) and TIBCO Spotfire® Data Analysis and Visualization Software combine to increase laboratory productivity and improve data-driven decision making

    Originally presented at Bio-IT World April 10, 2013

    Use your vision as a competitive advantage

      2012 年 9 月 11 日 – PerkinElmer ...

    This 35 minute video demonstrates the new features in the LABWORKS LIMS QA/QC Batching Module that ...

    Old concerns, new solutions

    PerkinElmer Informatics introduces the newest release of the ChemBioOffice® 13 software suite. This latest ...

    We bet you can think of even more

    If software applications are going to truly deliver a positive impact on chemists' efficiency and productivity, ...

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