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    While companies are taking the strategic decision to go paperless, more and more are looking into business intelligence to take benefit of stored information. Final goal is to identify science challenges upfront and to manage projects using measurable KPIs. In this case study we are going to use plots and visual tables to:

    • check projects productivity
    • analyze company pipeline status
    • compare users productivity
    • extract project metrics

  • 60 min E-notebooks: 2014 and Beyond

  • By: Alex Jewett of PerkinElmer Informatics, Amy Kallmerten PhD of PerkinElmer, Chris Strassel of PerkinElmer, Rudy Potenzone, Ph.D. of PerkinElmer Informatics

    Why choosing a flexible platform allows you to plan for growth from paper replacement through complex data analysis

    See how Datalytix makes combining data from disparate source easy in TIBCO Spotfire

    Learn how TIBCO Spotfire and visualize and help you analyze in vivo and ex vivo experimental results from ...

    Datalytix enables TIBCO Spotfire to have a live connection to biological assay data stored in the E-Notebook. ...

    Use Datalytix to make the connection between your E-Notebook data and advanced visualizations in TIBCO Spotfire. ...

    Learn from product expert Patrick Ansems how to use the Bioassay module for plate based screening.

    A case study with Merck

    Integration, compliance and efficiency.

    Rapid reaction search technology with chemistry analytics

    Synthetic Chemistry is increasingly going "Green"

    E-Notebook in the Physics Laboratory and Beyond

    The benchmark by which Electronic Lab Notebooks are measured

    Migrating Legacy Informatics Systems

    Large pharmaceuticals and biotech firms are understandably nervous about granting these CROs the same level of access to their ...

    Jena Bioscience was facing some critical issues in the internal organization of its chemistry department that were limiting ...

    Rolf Keltjens' "Introducing an ELN system within Synthon" presentation given at the CambridgeSoft Conference ...

    Dr. Alexander Botzki's "Introducing an Electronic Laboratory Notebook at VIB" presentation given at the CambridgeSoft ...

    Dr. Frederic Begnaud's "ELN for Flavor and Fragrance Industry" presentation given at the CambridgeSoft Conference ...

    Dr. Jurgen Viz's "Inventory and E-Notebook in an University Environment" presentation given at the CambridgeSoft ...

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