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    • What is an iLAB?

    • Total Laboratory Automation
    • Author: Steve Bolton , Company: PerkinElmer
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  • iLAB, an acronym for "integrated laboratory", is a term that describes a new type of laboratory informatics system - a total laboratory automation system.

    Understanding the value of an iLAB starts with an understanding of 4 key problems with today's informatics systems.

    1. No 'Real-Time' Control of Users:

    On a daily basis analysts are required to follow SOPs, but there is no way to enforce the SOP.
    iLAB (Integrated Laboratory) - a new type of laboratory informatics system
    For example, an analyst is expected to check that a reagent is suitable for the test that they are doing, but there is nothing in the system that ensures that the check is made.

    It is left up to the analyst to check SOP requirements and make .....


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