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  • Think Pink with ChemDraw

    by Nessa CarsonDrawing with FlairAfter much tweaking, I have a set of ChemDraw® settings, not unlike the sturdily-bonded Totally Synthetic stylesheet that went around the chemistry community a few years ...

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    • Newman Projections in ChemDraw

    • This tutorial demonstrates how to draw a Newman projection in ChemDraw.
    • Author: Jesse Gordon , Company: PerkinElmer Informatics
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  • This tutorial demonstrates how to draw a Newman projection in ChemDraw, using ethane as our example molecule. This article details:

    1. Draw methane (half of ethane's structure)
    2. Duplicate the methane and draw bond between both
    3. Use "Orbital Tool" to draw Newman projection circle
    4. Rotate one methyl moiety by 180°
    5. Analyze the completed Newman projection

    ChemDraw can analyze molecules drawn in Newman projections to the same extent as it can analyze molecules in other representations. ChemDraw also supports Fischer projections and Haworth projections, but those are only mentioned for comparison in this article. Our goal in this article is to draw and analyze the Newman projection shown on the left below:

    Four chemically-equivalent structures:
    Newman projection on left; .....

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