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    • Benefits of E-Notebook

    • Helps scientists share information throughout an organization
    • Author: Richard Strauss , Company: PerkinElmer Informatics
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  • With the vast amount of data and analysis that is prevalent in scientific discovery, a critical component is the capture, analysis, search and retrieval of experimental results. While this is true, one of the last remaining non-electronic components in many laboratories has been the paper laboratory notebook. CambridgeSoft has been the leader in scientifically intelligent Electronic Notebook products for the past 10 years, and now offers products that are affordable for any size organization.

    Figure 1. Obsolete paper lab notebook

    CambridgeSoft's E-Notebook streamlines and shares the daily record-keeping of research scientists. E-Notebook allows scientists to capture and store many types of data, including MS Office data (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), chemical and biological structure data, analytical data, data from instrumentation and images. Organizations share information through powerful tools to search the data and find all entries related to .....