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    • CambridgeSoft’s E-Notebook: A Platform for Collaboration and Increased Productivity

    • Now with More Complete “Paper Notebook Replacement” and Data Management Features
    • Authors: Mary DonlanRoman Sterzycki , Company: PerkinElmer Informatics
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  • With the vast amount of data and high throughput processes prevalent in today’s industry, electronic capture of data and creation of comprehensive electronic records is essential to an organization’s success. In many organizations while all the data is captured electronically, the process of compiling records is still based on the paper laboratory notebook, a serious productivity bottleneck. Replacing paper laboratory notebook with CambridgeSoft E-Notebook will bring significant benefits to individual users and entire organization.

    CambridgeSoft E-Notebook has been used to record research, development, design and engineering activity and to protect intellectual property since 2001. Today, more than 30,000 users in various organizations around the world rely on E-Notebook for their every day record-keeping and collaboration needs. CambridgeSoft E-Notebook product is undergoing continuous improvement, based on the changes in available technology and in response to the customer and general marketplace demands. This article is intended to explain these improvements, .....