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    • CambridgeSoft Biology Solutions (FAQ)

    • Author: CambridgeSoft , Company: PerkinElmer Informatics
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  • CambridgeSoft offers a full suite of Biology focused tools. The following is a series of frequently asked questions regarding these tools. The biology suite consists of 2 products:

    • BioAssay HTS - This application provides data gathering and upload services, an automated calculation and curve-fitting engine, and various data validation services.
    • BioSAR Browser - This web-based application provides flexible reporting services over assay data and non-assay data, enabling integration between data in disparate Oracle applications.

    These products can be combined with other CambridgeSoft applications, although these components are not specifically discussed here.

    Frequently Asked Questions include:

    Scientific functionality

    • What plate and/or in-vivo formats are handled by the product? Multi-plate assays?
    • How does the user specify plate layout?
    • What types of calculations and statistics are available? Which are pre-defined?
    • Can the tool combine results captured from several instruments? How about cascading?
    • Can the tool automatically flag and remove outliers?

    Importing and Exporting Files

    • Can calculated curves be exported to presentation tools such as Excel?
    • What file formats can be read? And output?

    Administrative functionality

    • Is there an administrative tool for specifying assay calculations and input data?
    • How are results released/published to the database?
    • Is there an audit trail of results?
    • Is there a notion of project teams or workgroups?

    Technical Architecture

    • Is the biology suite client-server, standalone or web-based?
    • Is there a database portion of your products
    • What are the platform requirements?

    Support Services

    • What training can you supply?
    • How often do major releases come out?
    • Is there documentation for the product? And a user group?

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