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    • Environmental pollution statistical analysis

    • Presenter: Jesse Gordon , Company: PerkinElmer Informatics
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  • ChemFinder/BioViz can import data from Excel spreadsheets, including biological data (numbers only, without chemicals).

    You can use ChemFinder/BioViz for biological data even when it contains no chemical substances:

    • ChemFinder can serve as a general database tool for biological data.
    • BioViz can serve as a statistical analysis tool for any data.
    • Easy conversion from Excel data into ChemFinder SQL database.
    • Intuitive setup and interface to best-fit lines and other statistics.

    Trend line of pH over time, with data in ChemFinder and best line fit from BioViz

    This ChemBioClip demonstrates using ChemFinder/BioViz for biological data:

    1. Define a table in a database, without chemical structures
    2. Define fields in that table for your biological data
    3. Define a form to view the data, showing your biological data
    4. Import data from an external source such as Excel
    5. Plot best-fit lines and other statistics on the data.

    You can download the datasheets here: Excel or CSV

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      • BRSF Pollution Recreation Data: excel file