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    • ChemDraw Functional Group Nicknames

    • Presenter: Jesse Gordon , Company: PerkinElmer Informatics
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  • ChemDraw understands side-chain nicknames like "Et" for ethyl and "Ac" for acetyl, including translating into their chemical structures, and customizing your own nicknames.

    ChemDraw has pre-defined nicknames for functional groups and you can define your own nicknames:

    • Pre-defined nicknames include standards like "Me" for methyl; "iPr" for isopropyl; "Ph" for phenyl, and numerous others.
    • You can type in the nickname, or select it from a list.
    • You can "Expand Label" to show the underlying chemical structure, or store it in nickname form.
    • ChemDraw understands the underlying chemistry whether the nickname is expanded or not.
    • You can define your own nickname by drawing it, and selecting its attachment point. It then gets added to your nickname list.
    • You can share your customized nickname list with your colleagues.

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