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    • ChemDraw's isotopic abundance for Mass Spec analysis

    • Presenter: Jesse Gordon , Company: PerkinElmer Informatics
    • Duration: 2 min
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  • Assist mass spec analysis with ChemDraw's isotopic abundance analysis and fragmentation tool.

    ChemDraw has tools to help interpret Mass Spectra.

    When you run a Mass Spec, how do you determine the fragments? ChemDraw's Chemical Analysis and Fragmentation tools can help.

    The Isotope Abundance calculations on the Chemical Analysis window help interpret the whole-molecule fragments in a Mass Spec. And ChemDraw's Fragmentation Tool helps identify the smaller molecular fragments.

    ChemDraw`s Chemical Analysis window with Isotopic Abundance calculations

    ChemDraw`s Chemical Analysis window also shows the relative Isotopic Abundances.

    ChemDraw`s Mass Fragmentation tool

    The Mass Fragmentation tool assists in identifying molecular fragments on a Mass Spec.

    • Drag over any bond and ChemDraw shows the resulting two fragments and their mass.
    • Drag over two bonds and ChemDraw shows the resulting three fragments (any number of bonds).
    • Drag and release and you can manipulate the resulting molecules using other ChemDraw tools.
    • Mass Spec peaks can be readily identified by dragging over various bonds and comparing the resulting mass to the spectrum peaks.

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