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    • Animated GIF images in Chem3D

    • Presenter: Jesse Gordon , Company: PerkinElmer Informatics
    • Duration: 3 min
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  • ChemBio3D can easily create animated GIF images from biomolecules and small molecules, suitable for websites and presentations.

    Chem3D can create animated GIFs.

    Everyone knows that Chem3D can rotate molecules on screen, and you can embed Chem3D objects in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents. But you need to have installed Chem3D on the viewing machine if you want to see rotating molecules. As an alternative, Chem3D can create animated GIFs, which can be embedded and viewed on any machine, including web pages.

    Rotating molecules are useful for...

    • Showing students 3D conformations of assymetrical molecules
    • Creating catchy web pages that better illustrate your molecule
    • Spicing up a PowerPoint demonstration, regardless of what programs are available on the demo machine.

    Check out our Feature Clip to see how to....

    • Store an animated GIF object from Chem3D by "Save As" GIF.
    • Specify the rotation axis (around X, Y, or Z axis)
    • Create transparent backgrounds for overlaying image on presentations
    • Specify the rotation frequency (slow or fast)
    • Embed the output GIF into PowerPoint or other programs.

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