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    In a previous Blog post we highlighted the day-to-day informatics problems facing IT/IS staff and researchers in biopharma companies as they struggle to discover and develop better drugs faster and ...

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    • The Impact of ChemDraw

    • ChemDraw 30th Anniversary (June 25th, 2015)
    • Presenter: Dr. Derek Lowe , Company: Vertex Pharmaceuticals
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  • Many of us don't remember a time where drawing chemical structures consisted of letter sets, green plastic templates, photocopiers and typewriters. For those that do - they all remember the first time they saw ChemDraw on a computer screen drawing structures with just a few clicks on the keyboard. The reaction was overwhelming, and ChemDraw became the tool every Chemist wanted. Hear Derek Lowe's reflection of that epic time and how ChemDraw truly was the original "killer app".

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