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    • Presenter: Jesse Gordon , Company: PerkinElmer Informatics
    • Duration: 3 Min
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  • ChemBioDraw enables you to draw protein and RNA structures quickly. Using labels specifically assigned to nucleic and amino acids, you first draw a sequence. Then, you can expand, contract or remove labels to get the drawing you want. The nucleic and amino acids are chemically-intelligent: they can be modified; used in reactions; modeled in 3D; or any other ChemBioDraw function.

    Did you know...

    ChemBioDraw's Sequence toolbar contains...

    • Single-letter amino acid tool
      • Lets you create a protein chain using a one-letter label to represent each amino acid
    • Three-letter amino acid tool
      • Create a protein chain using three-letter amino acid labels
    • DNA tool
      • Lets you create a DNA chain using labels that represent each of the nucleic acids, including ambiguous nucleotides.
    • RNA tool
      • Lets you create an RNA chain using nucleic acid labels. (differentiated from DNA nucleotides with same label)

    ChemBioDraw's Sequence functionality contains...

    • Expanding sequences
      • You can expand the entire sequence into its chemical structure, or expand just one or more residues
    • Collapsing labels
      • When you expand a label into its structure, the label remains on screen and appears below the structure
    • Removing Residues
      • When you remove a residue, the adjacent labels close, keeping the sequence intact
    • Replacing Residues
      • Easy-to-use type-over to replace one residue with another

    All of the above are demonstrated in the ChemBioClip.

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