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    • Using chemical catalogs in ChemFinder: Creating customer-requested lists

    • Presenter: Jesse Gordon , Company: PerkinElmer Informatics
    • Duration: 5 min
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  • Databases in ChemBioFinder can be selected by lists of items. This video demonstrates the "Find List" technique, and how to use resulting lists for transferring the information to customers.

    • Individual items can be selected by searching for the item number (the unique identifier key) in a ChemBioFinder search.
    • Multiple items can be selected by entering a list of item numbers into the "Find List" field on ChemBioFinder's "Search" menu.
    • The "Find List" results in a list in the same format as a search result list.
    • The "Find List" result can be exported to SDfile like anyother result list.
    • You can copy-and-paste into the "Find List" field, or type in items directly.
    • If a customer requests a complicated list, you can build the results in pieces and then merge the results together.
    • Besides SDfile export, ChemBioFinder can export to MicroSoft Word, MicroSoft Excel, and other formats.

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