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Below are a series of videos and demos: One to two minute videos of useful features in PerkinElmer Informatics software.

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    The TIBCOTM Spotfire® Business Author client is a new interactive platform that enables world-class analytics.

    Academics can be split in three groups based on their software needs and interests.

    “TIBCO Spotfire gives users the freedom to explore and gain insights from their results, freeing them from daily tasks like collection, classification, storage, and endless worksheets of biochemical and biological data.”

    The effective integration of data and knowledge from many disparate sources is crucial to science.

    SciStream™ enables the import, aggregation, and arrangement of raw instrument data and metadata files in TIBCO Spotfire software.

    TIBCO Spotfire enables scientists to incorporate R into their analyses. Spotfire has an engine with the name ...

    Genomics data analyses that explore multi-platform, multi-technologies and integrate the expression and differential ...

    Translational Medicine Overview

    Translational Medicine Overview

    Translational Medicine Overview

    TIBCO Spotfire for Clinical Research

    TIBCO Spotfire for Clinical Research

    TIBCO Spotfire for Clinical Research

    Pierre Morieux demonstrates taking the name of a molecule from a patent and using ChemDraw to generate a structure ...

    Learn how TIBCO Spotfire can help manage thousands of data points in a cell proliferation High Content Screen. ...

    TIBCO Spotfire helps collect and correlate data from primary, secondary and tertiary screening assays.

    Lead Discovery adds chemical intelligence to TIBCO Spotfire.

    See how importing SDF files into TIBCO Spotfire extends the capability of your SAR analysis.

    Using TIBCO Spotfire for the aggregation of multiple data sources enables shorter time to insight.

    Learn about the power of data visualization in TIBCO Spotfire using non-scientific examples.

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