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Below is the archive of articles from print and online versions of the Chem and Bio News newsletter, including scientific news, reviews, and roundups.

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    I love having ChemDraw mobile on my iPad because...

    In partnership with McGraw-Hill Education, PerkinElmer conducted two pilots in undergraduate organic chemistry classes testing the use of iPads....

    During my summer course, I began to integrate ChemDraw for iPad into my undergraduate organic chemistry lecture...

    ChemACX tops 8.3 million substance and 16 million products

    ChemACX tops 8.4 million substance and 16.5 million products

    ChemACX tops 17 million products

    无纸化的核心——实验室执行系统(Laboratory Execution System)

    Very good news for medicinal chemists

    New Informatics Platform for QA/QC Laboratories

    Laboratory Execution System at the core of "going paperless"

    The Complete Toolkit for Formulations Scientists

    Quickly find what you need and get on with the job of being first to file

    ChemBioOffice has evolved ChemDraw into many kinds of functions

    Customized Training Successfully Delivered to Global Pharmaceutical Company for 300 Users on Three Continents

    ELN Requirements for Quality Assurance and Quality Control

    Total Laboratory Automation

    "...once laboratories have LIMS interfacing in place and have experienced the benefits, they never want to go without it."

    Realize the benefits associated with improved integration and automation over the entire manufacturing process.

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