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    • Improving the Odds

    • What do Las Vegas and Drug Discovery & Development Have in Common?It’s been said that “the odds of getting a drug to market aren’t much better than winning in Las Vegas. Only one in 5,000 to 10,000 compounds discovered in the lab gains FDA approval.” The story has been that - while Pharma R&D activity and spending was increasing - the number of approvals for new molecular entities (NMEs) was decreasing. After approving 86 NMEs in 1999-2001, less than a decade later the FDA approved only 77 in a three-year period. In the same time period, global R&D ...
    • 100-days of #Spotfire®

    • Since 1986, PerkinElmer Informatics has been supporting researchers across industry and academia, with market-leading intelligently designed software solutions. Today we are thrilled to announce the start of the 100-days of Spotfire® - celebrating one of the most powerful tools in the PerkinElmer Informatics catalog, TIBCO™ Spotfire®.Big Data is only Getting Bigger…As a scientist, you know what it’s like to struggle with vast amounts of complex data from a wide array of sources. As data outputs increase, so does the pressure to find the needle in the “data” stack that ...
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