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    • New Merck Index 14.7 Now Available Online

    • New data and monograph updates
    • Author: Phil McHale , Company: PerkinElmer Informatics
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  • The ever popular structure-searchable Merck Index has recently been updated. The 14.7 update has added 50 monographs, to bring the total to 11,539, and includes updated monographs with new or revised structures with added stereochemistry. The 50 new monographs include the usual mix of compounds with therapeutic uses, compounds with commercial uses and natural products. The smart new .NET interface, launched with update 14.6, has proved to be popular with researchers.

    As a reminder, the new interface adds a popular "Quick Search" box to the homepage, so that researchers can search immediately for a name, CAS Registry Number, molecular formula, or molecular weight.

    Figure 1: New home page with Quick Search option – in this case for CAS Registry Number 50-55-5

    The home page retains the links to the ancillary files (e.g. Organic Name Reactions) and supplemental tables (e.g. Acronyms and Abbreviations), and adds .....

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