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    • Introducing ChemBioDraw 12

    • The most complete chemical and biological drawing software has been improved
    • Author: Stephen F. Cave , Company: PerkinElmer Informatics
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  • ChemBioDraw 12 is the latest release of CambridgeSoft’s industry standard software product for the drawing and analysis of chemical structures and biological pathways. ChemDraw helps scientists worldwide to draw accurate, chemically-aware structures for use in database queries and preparation of publication-quality graphics, while BioDraw facilitates the creation of publication-quality biological pathways graphics and plasmid maps. Together they form a powerful combination allowing seamless communication across an organization among chemists and biologists.

    In addition to ChemDraw and BioDraw, ChemBioDraw Ultra includes a number of other applications to complete the integrated suite:

    • Chem3D Pro for molecular modeling and visualization.
    • ChemBioFinder Std for database searching and management.
    • ChemBioViz Pro for data visualization and analysis.
    • E Notebook Pro for journal record keeping.
    • MNova Lite for NMR data processing, simulation and analysis.

    This article will focus on the new features of the ChemDraw and BioDraw components of ChemBioDraw Ultra. For details on new developments in other applications please read .....

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