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    • Ad-Hoc Analysis - Driving High Speed Self-Service Queries

    • Can Data Producers and Data Consumers Find a Better Solution?Would a business or scientific end user, a data analyst and data scientist, IT and purchasing professional, and an executive all agree what makes for the ideal informatics solution? Probably not - which is why we often end up with divergent IT stacks that support conflicting requirements.End users want speed and agility to perform their analytics. Now isn’t soon enough, and all too often the data raises more questions than it answers, leading to new queries. Even if everyone agrees on the question, one of the ...
    • Risk-Based Monitoring: Increasing Efficiency in Cancer Clinical Trials

    • RBM Contributions to Oncology ResearchIt’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month and - in the U.S. - everything from landmark buildings to NFL players are wrapped in pink, to raise both awareness and funding for research.With the American Cancer Society estimating 1.68 million new cases of all cancers this year in the U.S. alone, it’s no wonder the federal government initiated the Cancer Moonshot 2020. That $1 billion effort seeks to “win the war on cancer” by unleashing the potential of combination immunotherapies to treat cancer patients.The National Cancer Institute reports ...
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