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  • Database usage in ChemDraw and ChemOffice
    • Database usage in ChemDraw and ChemOffice

    • Presenter: Jesse Gordon , Company: PerkinElmer Informatics
    • Duration: 60 min
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  • The CambridgeSoft database portfolio can be used as stand-alone databases, but are also integrated in many ways with ChemDraw and other ChemOffice programs. This webinar demonstrates some of the integration features using the following databases:

    • The Merck Index: The authoritative reference source with over 10,000 monographs.
      We will demonstrate how The Merck Index uses the ChemDraw plugin for chemical searching.
    • ChemINDEX: Provides physical property data and online links for over 100,000 chemical compounds.
      We will demonstrate non-plugin search and SDF output, then how to use SDF files in ChemDraw/Excel and ChemBioFinder.
    • ChemACX: The Available Commercial chemical exchange contains purchase information for over 1.5 million substances and packages.
      We will demonstrate how ChemACX as a stand-alone search tool, for similarity and substructure searches, and then as part of Chemical Inventory for material management.
    • ChemDraw Database HotLink: ChemDraw shows links to each of the above databases while you're drawing a molecule.
      We will demonstrate how to use ChemDraw's Database HotLink for common name lookup; CAS number lookup; interfacing to the National Cancer Institute database; and the ChemSpider interface.
    • ChemBio3D PDB lookup: The Brookhaven National Lab provides an online collection of over 61,000 PDBs, called the RCSB Protein Data Bank.
      We will demonstrate how to use ChemBio3D for a direct interface by PDB ID, and how to use its European counterpart, EMBL, to download and then open PDB structures in ChemBio3D.

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      • Searching databases with ChemDraw structures and non-structures
      • 16 min

      • Output search results to SDfile and import to ChemFinder
      • 7 min

      • ChemBioFinder HotLink: database survey
      • 21 min

      • Database Portfolio: existing, new, and future
      • 14 min

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