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    Are You Ready for Machine Learning?Some users are so enthusiastic about Machine Learning (ML) that Gartner added it for the first time to its Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies in 2016 based on its ability ...

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  • Database Portfolio Webinar
    • Database Portfolio Webinar

    • Presenter: Phil McHale , Company: PerkinElmer Informatics
    • Duration: 60 min
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  • This webinar addresses databases organized by major content groups:

    • Drugs and Reference Works
      • What is this stuff?
      • What else is like it?
      • Can I make something better?
    • Chemical Sourcing and Safety
      • Where can I buy stuff?
      • How do I handle it safely?
    • Synthetic Methodology
      • Ok, it's not for sale; how do I make it?
      • How do I make stuff like it?

    Some of the databases to be detailed, from our current portfolio and immediate future offerings, include:

    • Drugs and Reference Works
      • The Merck Index
      • Ashgate Drugs (synonyms and properties)
      • Traditional Chinese Medicines (natural sources)
      • New content: Off-Label Medicines Database
    • Chemical Sourcing and Safety
      • ChemACX (available chemicals from 525 catalogs)
      • Sigma-Aldrich MSDS
      • New access: Database hotlink from ChemDraw and Inventory
    • Synthetic Methodology
      • ChemReact500 / ChemSynth / ChemReact68 (reaction databases)
      • ChemRXN (reactions from ChemPrep and ChemSelect)
      • New content: Wiley Organic Essentials databases

    We will also discuss our new "Global Search" concept will allows database access from the internet or from within ChemDraw and other CambridgeSoft software.

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      • Synthetic Methodology: ChemRXN, ChemSynth, ChemReact
      • 2 min

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