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    • Why the Cloud is the Clear Choice

    • There’s nothing cloudy about it – the Cloud offers a number of advantages over on-premises computing solutions.As life sciences researchers work with higher volumes and more variety & complexity of data - and as the organizations they work for become more sensitive to the costs of dedicated IT resources - cloud computing emerges as a solution for a multitude of challenges.Not surprisingly, Amazon Web Services, a provider of cloud computing services (which - full disclosure - PerkinElmer uses) identifies six main benefits of cloud over traditional computing:Trade ...
    • Leveraging Big Data in Academic Research

    • This blog and others have celebrated Big Data for the big insights it can provide – and has already brought – in applications as diverse as finance, marketing, medicine and urban planning. Perhaps the slowest — or most cautious — in big data application has been academia - specifically at academic research institutions whose work contributes to pharma, biotech, drug discovery, genomics, and more.Some of this is attributed to the cost for academic institutions to acquire software and systems to analyze big data, as well as the complexity of integrating and keeping up ...
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