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    • Are You Ready for Machine Learning?Some users are so enthusiastic about Machine Learning (ML) that Gartner added it for the first time to its Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies in 2016 based on its ability to revolutionize manufacturing and related industries. Forrester Research says enterprises are “enthralled” by the potential of ML “to uncover actionable new knowledge, predict customers’ wants and behaviors, and make smarter business decisions.” It’s not just for manufacturing or retail, however. Computers that can “learn” have applications in the life sciences ...
    • The Benefits of Life Sciences R&D Externalization – “To Go Far, Travel Together”

    • Externalization has been a buzzword in life sciences R&D, particularly in biopharmaceuticals, for several years now. It’s estimated that 58 percent of total R&D spending will be on external sources in 2017 - up from 33 percent in 2011.Atrium Research defines externalization as “the pursuit of a fully or partially virtualized R&D model integrating partner companies with specific skills or capabilities.” This includes acquisitions, licensing, jointly-owned IP agreements, and more. It’s being driven by desires to lower costs, share risk, ignite innovation, ...
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