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    • Author: Katherine Sydney , Company: PerkinElmer Informatics
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  • CambridgeSoft’s ChemBioDraw, BioDraw, and ChemDraw programs (Ultra and Pro versions) come loaded with a library of pre-drawn molecular structures and biological drawings to help you record, document and present your research and work in the lab.

    The previous figure shows examples of two such available templates – Advanced BioDraw and Aromatics. The 89 new, colorful biological templates can be easily sized, colored, modified and scaled for presentations, posters or papers.

    Benefits Include:

    • Illustrations for use without worry of copyright infringement
    • Templates for: Animals, Anatomy, Microorganisms, Organelles
    • Combine chemical syntheses and in vivo assays in the same diagram (ChemBioDraw)

    New for 2010 - CambridgeSoft now offers free downloadable templates to use with CambridgeSoft’s applications! These will be targeted toward our Biology customers and feature cellular organelles, animals, and lab equipment.

    You can download a .zip file filled with all of .....

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