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  • Why the Cloud is the Clear Choice

    There’s nothing cloudy about it – the Cloud offers a number of advantages over on-premises computing solutions.As life sciences researchers work with higher volumes and more variety & complexity of ...

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    • Discovering Research and Enterprise Data Relationships!
    • Author: Robert A. Stanley , Company: IO Informatics, Inc.
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  • Add high-end integration, network visualization and knowledge-building functionality to your CambridgeSoft applications with IO Informatics' Sentient Knowledge ExplorerTM quickly and easily linked to your CambridgeSoft applications, the Knowledge Explorer will help you uncover data relationships, understand complex interactions and identify relevant activity within a collaborative network visualization environment.

    Addressing Critical Challenges

    Solve common research challenges

    Life Sciences, Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical researchers, whether focused on understanding a disease, a target, a candidate drug compound or a biomarker, face common challenges.

    How can you bring your research data together in a way that will help you understand and visually represent the influence of disease or toxic perturbation on the biological system you are researching, or a compound's benefits and toxicity responses? How can you efficiently discover and represent hidden relationships and complex dependencies that affect the problem you are addressing?

    Working together, IO Informatics and CambridgeSoft make it easier for you to solve .....

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